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 Just a few more days until we put new stuff in the machines. I’m really excited about some of these new trinkets! There’s a whole buncha snails for GMR#13 and some finger puppets for GMR#11. There’s another run of pizza as well but we’re calling this pizza comp “TOXIC PIZZA”. So, you can expect eyeballs, tentacles, oreos, spaghetti and so much more on your slices. Also, a little mini-figurine set of 50 or so. Lots of charms, too!

  Will post pictures soon.

GMR#1-4 little handmade trinkets that come with mp3 download codes

GMR#1-4 little handmade trinkets that come with mp3 download codes

Threats and Promises. Flagpole Magazine

 ”Two Quarters:Last week marked the official launch of Athens’ newest label, Gumball Machine Records. This incredibly creative project distributes music via gumball machines placed around town, and for your 50 cents you get a handmade trinket and a download code for a single, full-length by an individual band or compilation album. It’s much craftier and cooler than I’m making it sound, so be sure to check out the photos of available prizes at So far, there are four releases: two separate compilations (featuring Wade Boggs, Titans of Filth, New Sound of Numbers, Casper & the Cookies, Noogeez and more), the full-length album by Green Thrift Grocery, Buy It Back, and a single by The Ice Creams. You can find the gumball machines at Bizarro Wuxtry, Hendershot’s Coffee and Little Kings Shuffle Club. The label plans to add more locations as soon as it can. Hats off to this cool, independent way of thinking outside the norm.”

Gordon Lamb Wednesday May 25th